Wim Filius

Van Eeghenlaan 21          Atelier: Goorsteeg 23
3881 MD Putten             3882 LE Putten
w.dfilius@freeler.nl          www.wimfilius.nl

Space and light

My paintings are about space and light, so grown through interest in astronomy and cosmology.

Since my student days at the Technical University in Delft I paint. At the Free Academy of Arts in Nunspeet, I have refreshed and improved technical skills for painting and etching.

The background in exact science has played a role in the development of my paintings. In particular the knowledge that light consists of colors with different frequencies, lies behind the structure of many works. The challenge is composing with colors, to play with the tension between the law of nature and freedom. Not the portrayal of a reality present in nature or its underlying law is the aim, but adding something new.